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A little crystal history

Crystal healing dates back to ancient times.  Our ancestors understood that crystals had powerful energies and used the natural energy vibrations emitted by crystals for their healing and beneficial abilities.   

Evidence has been found that from 4100 to 1750 BCE, the Sumerians in southern Mesopotamia used crystals in their healing formulas.

The Egyptians not only used crystals for healing, they also used crystals to promote good health, good luck and for protection.   The Egyptians were known for their jewelry, not just for the beauty, but for the powerful energy the jewelry provided the wearer.    Egyptians balanced energy by using specific color crystal combinations and sequences to create exactly what was needed to help and/or protect the individual who wore the jewelry.  

There is also substantial history in Europe from the 11th to the 14th Century,  showing that it was common for medical treatments to include the use of semi-precious gemstones and herbs.  The introduction of the Renaissance in the 14th Century started to see a decrease in the usage of crystals and by the 17th Century, crystal healing was all but lost as new practices of healing immerged.  

Although crystals and their amazing properties lost their prevalence for hundreds of years, the art of crystal healing was not completely lost.    Crystal healing re-immerged in the 1980's with the New Age Movement and has continued to grow in it's popularity throughout the world.   "Today, crystal healing is one of the most sought-after wellness practices..."

(All above information provided from Crystal Healing Foundation Work training at Shaw

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